We get muscle spasm to muscle pain when people tend to over work more. It is a very common condition that people suffer because of too much hard work. Young kids to adult would considerably complain about this kind of problem. There could be different body part that would be painful to you. Treating them with massages could be very beneficial and a soothing relief from a stressful ache of your body.  If you have time to visit a doctor, you can visit North york chiropractor. But, if you don’t have much free time because it is really painful to move or to drive. You can have some useful information to search on the internet.  


In the meantime, learning many steps to prevent from soring your muscles could help you to maintain your body’s good condition. Here is the list of some home remedy that you could use without spending money.  

YOU CAN TRY TO USE MGNESIUM KIND OF OIL WITH THE USE OF SALT ESPECIALLY EPSOM KIND: These two kinds of oil and salt can work together as one to provide a very soothing body feeling. As we get older, most of the people forgot to take foods that are rick with magnesium. So, it is very important to remember to take some nutrients useful to our body.  Epsom salt could be used for muscle pain. Just put at least 2 cups of this salt to a warm water and soak yourself to this.  

YOU CAN TRY TO EAT FOODS THAT CONTAIN MAGNESIUM NUTRIENT: If it is hard for you to purchase magnesium oil. You could try other ways to have it. If you have some vitamins there that has magnesium content, you can take it. Or, you can eat some food that are having magnesium content. Examples are the vegetables like squash, cocoa, almond, cashew nuts, spinach and black bean.  

YOU CAN TRY TO USE THE APPLE CIDER KIND OF VINEGAR: Other people are using this kind of vinegar in treating their muscle pain and painful body ache. You can simply mix one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water and drink it immediately. Others are considering of adding some flavor to this kind of drink such as adding some mint leaves or honey. They say that it will give you a refreshing feeling like Seattle’s digital growth 

YOU CAN TRY TO USE COCONUT KIND OF OIL: You can buy this one in every supermarket. Unlike for the apple cider, this coconut oil can be taken without mixing to water or any liquid. Just get a spoon and have at least two to three spoons a day.  

YOU CAN TRY TO STRETCH YOUR BODY AND MUSCLES MORE: If you will keep your body moving or try to stretch your muscles a little could be a very helpful way as well.  

YOU CAN TRY TO HAVE A MASSAGE: This is the common solution we have when we experience muscle pain.  

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